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What to Consider When Choosing a Sony Alpha Digital Camera

A Sony Alpha digital camera lets you capture photos and videos of your most treasured moments. These cameras can come with a wide range of photo resolutions that extend from around 2-megapixels to more than 20-megapixels. These devices are also equipped with optical magnification amounts that range from 3x magnification to 50x magnification.

What are some features available with these cameras?

These cameras can be outfitted with such features as image stabilization when you want to steady your shot and an interval shooting mode. When you would rather capture video, these cameras can be equipped with features that support video capture, including 720P and 1080P high definition resolutions, an audio recording mode, and a high dynamic range mode that is designed to enhance natural colors.

When you are about to snap a photo of a large group of people, these devices can include automatic features like blink detection, face detection, noise reduction, and red-eye reduction that will correct these issues and improve the image quality without requiring you to do anything. Some of these units can also come with an autofocus mode that handles the focusing for you. Some additional features that can be outfitted in these cameras include automatic pixel mapping, a CMOS sensor, built-in flash, exposure compensation, and an AF lock.

What are the different types of cameras available to select?
  • Bridge: This is a type of compact camera that comes with a lens that is not removable. The lenses equipped on bridge cameras are typically lengthy zoom lenses. You are usually provided with some manual features that allow you to change some of the settings yourself.
  • Digital SLR: This is a type of single-lens reflex camera that comes with numerous automatic and manual features, many of which allow you to switch to the control method that you prefer. These cameras are typically large in size and come with interchangeable lenses.
  • Mirrorless interchangeable: This is a type of camera that is built with a digital sensor but comes without a mirror system. Due to the absence of a mirror system between the lens and the digital sensor, this type of camera comes in a compact size.
  • Point-and-shoot: This is a type of small camera that comes with a large number of automatic features as well as a variety of filters that you can use to change the look of an image before you take it. These devices come with a retractable lens as well.
  • Underwater: This is a type of camera that is built with materials that allow it to be used underwater for lengthy periods of time.
What are some colors available with these cameras?

These cameras are available in a variety of different color options, the primary of which include black and silver. A number of the additional color options that you can find with these devices include red, white, gold, clear, and brown.