Sony PlayStation 4 Simulation Video Games

What to Know About Sony PlayStation 4 Simulation Video Games

The Sony PlayStation 4 has a large library of simulation video games. In contrast to goal-oriented game genres, such as the adventure and first-person shooter genres, simulations immerse the player in realistic jobs or experiences with few overt goals. Many PS4 simulation games invite players to manage a detailed game world, often from a first-person point of view, and develop personal or professional skills with real-world applications.

How do you choose a simulation game for the PS4?

When picking a PS4 simulation title, consider how realistic you want the simulation to be. Some titles in this genre, such as "Stardew Valley" and "The Sims 4," feature cartoonish visuals and simple pick-up-and-play mechanics. Other titles, such as "Pure Farming 2018," employ realistic visuals and mechanics intended to portray real jobs or hobbies believably.

What types of simulation games are there for the PS4?

The simulation subgenres for the PS4 include:

  • Farming: Players grow and harvest crops, tend to livestock, manage farming hazards such as pests and harsh weather, and sell goods at harvest time. PS4 games in this subgenre include "Stardew Valley," "Pure Farming 2018," and installments 14 to 17 in the Farming Simulator franchise.
  • Construction and management: Players build and manage cities or business enterprises, typically with limited resources, financial pressure, and threats from competitors. "Cities: Skylines," "Prison Architect," "Tropico 5," "Railway Empire," and "Bridge Constructor Portal" belong to this subgenre.
  • Space: Players explore alien planets, mine and trade interstellar resources, and manage space colonies. PS4 simulation games in the space subgenre include "Elite Dangerous," "No Mans Sky," "Kerbal Space Program," "Rebel Galaxy," and "Everspace."
  • Life and career: Players manage social relationships, learn white-collar job skills, and strive to reach important life milestones, such as marriage, home ownership, and career advancement. "The Sims 4," "Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives," and "Surgeon Simulator" belong to this subgenre.
  • Hunting and survival: Players navigate the treacherous wilderness to hunt down game for survival or sport. Titles in this subgenre include "Hunting Simulator" and "The Long Dark."
What should you consider when selecting a PS4 simulation game?

Before choosing a PS4 simulation video game, check its ESRB rating to make sure its level of content is suitable for you. These ratings vary from "Everyone" to "Adults Only." In addition, you may want to know whether the game features a multiplayer mode, be it online or offline, and how many players can participate at once. Some simulation titles also have collectors editions with special content, so take this into account as well. Finally, you may want your game to come with a manual, which typically contains useful instructions, tips, and official artwork.

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