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Have Fun with the Sony PS4 Wireless Video Game Controllers and Accessories

As one of the largest tech companies in the world, Sony is no stranger to video games. The PlayStation 4 is the company's eighth generation console that has a huge library of games. To play these games and enjoy the wealth of other content offered by the console, players need a PS4 wireless controller.

What are the available colors for the PS4 wireless controller?

The DualShock 4 wireless controller comes in a large variety of different colors, but the standard and the most common color is black. Specially designed DualShock 4 controllers are meant to emulate the colors or style of games or movies like Star Wars are also available, usually bundled with specially skinned console variations. Other color options include:

  • Midnight blue
  • Camouflage
  • Red
  • White
  • Gold
How is a wireless PlayStation 4 controller powered?

Each PS4 controller features a micro-USB port below its light bar. This allows the device to be charged while plugged into a running device, such as the PlayStation 4 itself. There are also specially made charging stations where one or two controllers can simultaneously be charged when not in use.

Can you plug a pair of headphones into the controller?

Yes, the PS4 controller is set to interface with different headphones. This can be done through a wired connection by plugging a pair into the small jack on the bottom of the controller or through wireless Bluetooth communication. This also applies to headsets with a microphone attachment, which allows players to use the voice chat feature in games that have this function.

How do you set up a controller to play games?

Setting up a PS4 controller with your console is a simple process. It only takes a few steps and several seconds worth of time. To do this, simply follow these directions:

  • Turn on the console. If no controller is connected, it should prompt you to activate one on its own.
  • Press the small button in the middle of the controller with the PS4 logo.
  • The light bar should begin to flash blue as it searches for a console. It could take several seconds to a minute to identify your system.
  • When the controller has successfully located your console, the connection should be made and the light bar should become solid blue. At this point, you are ready to use the controller to play games.
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