Configure Your Samsung Galaxy S4 with Switches

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a multitude of switches that allow you to control elements like its volume and AMOLED screen. These switches provide a level of control that is important to possess on a Samsung Galaxy S4. When selecting these Galaxy S4 products, it is essential to know about the design and features before choosing which one you want to select.

What types of switches for these smartphones are available?

Many of these switches are available on LTE and NFC smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy line. Others can be swapped between other models. The most common types of Samsung switches you'll find for your Galaxy S4 include:

  • Power switch: The most basic type of Galaxy switch is the power control. This S4 unit will turn the phone on and off or put it in sleep mode.
  • Volume control: Adjust how loud your Samsung phone rings or the volume of its music by using these simple controls.
  • Camera buttons: Most Samsung smartphone models, including the S4, use exterior buttons to control some elements of the camera.
  • Mute switch: Pressing the mute switch on your Samsung will make it impossible for others to hear you on the other end of the line.
  • Data control: The flow of data from a Samsung phone is important to control. These switches allow you to tweak how much you send and receive.
Are there Wi-Fi switches available for these cell phones?

Controlling your access to a wireless internet connection is essential when using the Galaxy S4. It allows you to avoid using too much data and provides you with access to a broad variety of apps and websites that improve the way you use your Samsung Galaxy S4.

Most models of this phone have some Wi-Fi controls that you can use to connect to an internet source near you. In some instances, these controls may be interior or based on the phone's operating system. However, there are some exterior switches that you can use to adjust your wireless connection.

Which colors of these switches are available?

The switch colors available for your Samsung Galaxy S4 will vary depending on your phone model. Most of these Galaxy phones were produced in either black, silver, or white options. You can buy switches that match your phone or get other colors that create different looks. It all depends on the style that you want to create with your phone.

Can these switches swap between Galaxy S4 models?

In most cases, switches from one model of this phone will be adaptable to another phone of the same type. However, there are slight variations in phones based on their model run. You may find that the 9300 is slightly wider than the 9500. As a result, it is important to research which model phone you own before buying one of these switches.

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