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Bring out the Musician in You With TAMA Drum Sets and Kits

If you just decided to start playing drums or want to buy a replacement drum set, consider the new and vintage TAMA drums on eBay. TAMA is known throughout the music industry for its drum kits. It's a brand marketed by the Japanese musical instrument company Hoshino Gakki, and buyers include musicians and drum enthusiasts alike.

TAMA's line of products

These types of TAMA drum kits are available on eBay:

  • Starclassic - Starclassic drum kits offer beautiful wood exteriors that have a shell hardware finish for a luxurious touch. This line produces differentiated drum sounds for a distinctive blend of sight and sound.
  • STAR - This flagship line for TAMA drums brings the knowledge and research from the Starclassic series to the next level. It provides a clear projection by enhancing the shell resonance and is available in bubinga, maple, and walnut standard shells.
  • Sound Lab Project - The S.L.P. line of snare drums is made with various shell materials, shell thicknesses, and parts. It provides a clear and focused attack that produces a warm sound with controlled resonance.
  • Imperialstar - This is an entry-level drum kit. Affordable yet durable, it retains high-end features for a good drumming experience.
  • Cocktail-JAM - This kit is a TAMA original in both appearance and sound. Easily portable, it can be packed into two bags and taken to any gig.
What accessories can be paired with TAMA drums?

TAMA offers a variety of drum accessories, such as:

  • PowerTower rack - TAMA's rack system includes a variety of pipes and clamps for a custom drum rack.
  • Bass drum pedals - These pedals are used to play drum kit components for increased power and speed or a uniform response.
  • Hi-hat stands - These are pairs of foot-operated cymbals.
  • Tension watch - This is used as a drum head-tuning tool; it measures the pressure of the drum heads.
What to look for in snare stands for TAMA drums

Consider the following when buying a snare stand for your drum set:

  • Ball tilter - The use of a ball system as a tilter provides a stable and flexible angle setting.
  • Snare basket sizing - A snare stand that can accommodate different diameters with minimal adjustments can be helpful for managing your TAMA drum kit.
  • Grip joint - You may need a more secure attachment for your snare stand; using a metal-to-metal contact point can keep it from moving around unnecessarily.