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TV Guide Magazine Back Issues

Reading back issues of magazines can be a fun way to remember the past, especially when they’re related to the entertainment industry. TV Guide is a biweekly magazine published since 1948 that provides television-program listings, news, interviews, film reviews, and crossword puzzles. Back-dated issues contain information from a specific period of time in the past.

What content is covered in TV Guide magazine?

Published 26 times per year, TV guide contains information focused on television listings, film reviews, and the entertainment industry. People can choose to get a subscription or buy it on an as-needed basis. Many issues of TV Guide contain the following types of information.

  • TV channel listings: TV Guide contains information for readers to find out what channels their local or regional TV stations air on.
  • Schedule of shows: The guide lists the time and air date for television programs on many channels.
  • Entertainment gossip: The magazine features newsworthy items about stars or the entertainment industry that were current at the time of the issue.
  • News and interviews: The guide lists brief descriptions of news programs and interviews with notable figures during that biweekly period.
  • Crossword puzzle: The TV Guide crossword puzzle is generally focused on entertainment topics.
What should one consider when buying back issues?

When buying TV Guide, you can choose to buy a single magazine or an entire series, which could be a collection of one date with all covers, a full year of old magazines, or something else. Pinpointing exactly what you want will help you narrow down your search, so you might consider the following reasons for collecting back issues.

  • Commemoration: Some choose to get a TV Guide to document current television events during the week in which they were born, for example.
  • Focus on a specific show: TV Guide often features noteworthy television shows on the cover.
  • Details on a star: Articles or interviews with celebrities are a frequent feature of TV Guide's entertainment coverage.
  • Nostalgia: Because TV Guide has been published biweekly since 1948, back issues of the magazine may be collected for nostalgic reasons.

When you find what you're looking for, the following information may be useful to keep in mind.

  • Date: Look at the date of the TV Guide magazine back issues you're buying.
  • Contents: Find out what entertainment is featured on the cover as well as within the edition.
  • New or used: Look at the listing to understand whether your TV Guide issue is new or used.
  • Quantity: Check to see how many of the back issues you're getting.