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Tazo Tea

Tazo is a tea company offering teas like Zen tea, Awake, and Passion. They craft their product from various leaves, botanicals, and ingredients. The company is now a division of Starbucks and sells a variety of kinds including hot and cold tea, coffee, K-Cup pods, and more.

What are the different flavors of Tazo tea?

Starbucks Tazo tea offers teas made with a wide range of spices. They offer black tea to green tea and everything in-between. Here are some choices:

  • Black tea: Black tea is bold and flavorful. You can find different variations which include different amounts of caffeine and different flavors. Joy, Awake, and Black Tea Mango are just a few varieties they offer.
  • Green tea: Green tea is created with a blend of herbs and botanicals. Green tea typically has a medium stimulant level and is great either hot or cold.
  • Fruit tea: If you're looking for something refreshing and fruity then try one of Tazo's fruit varieties. They have peach, bramblewine, strawberry, and wild sweet orange to name a few.
  • Herbal tea: If you're looking for something calmer with little to no caffeine, try an herbal tea. Tazo sells spicy ginger, chamomile, mint, and cinnamon among others.
What are the ingredients?

Depending on the tea you choose, you will find different ingredients. Tazo, however, makes all their teas with only natural ingredients. Therefore, if you're choosing a tea variety like Passion Infusion Tea, expect to find ingredients like hibiscus flowers, natural tropical flavors, and orange peel. If you choose a kind such as refreshing mint, you'll find peppermint, spearmint, and tarragon. Tazo does not put additional chemicals into their tea.

What are the benefits of drinking Tazo Tea?

Drinking Starbucks Tazo has many benefits for you mentally and physically. Start out with a cup a day to begin seeing benefits and gradually work your way up to more. Some benefits include:

  • Antioxidants: Black and green teas have antioxidants that help detoxify the body.
  • You're in control: Starbucks Tazo tea uses a scale to show you how much caffeine is in each product. Most of their tea contains a smaller amount of stimulants than coffee.
  • Weight loss: Grabbing a cup of Tazo tea instead of soda will help you shed unwanted pounds. Many flavors of Tazo can also curb your appetite. The green tea and Tazo Awake Tea for Weight Loss are two great choices for those looking to slim down.
  • Keeps your smile bright: When you drink Tazo tea, you generally cut back on coffee. This helps whiten teeth. A cup of Tazo also has ingredients that promote overall bone-and-teeth health.
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