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How to Choose a Tokina Camera Lens

Camera lenses provide you with the ability to capture many different kinds of images, whether you are shooting portraits and close-ups or landscapes. Tokina lenses are equipped with a range of different apertures that extend from f/1.2 to f/8. These lenses can also be outfitted on a variety of different types of Canon cameras, from SLR and DSLR devices to mirrorless cameras and camcorders.

What are the different types of Tokina lenses available?

  • Fisheye: This type of lens captures images in a wide angle of up to 180 degrees. The scale of the image becomes reduced the closer it gets to the edges of the frame, which creates a distorted effect that leads to a hemispherical image. The focal lengths with these lenses are usually 4 to 22 millimeters.
  • Macro: This is a type of lens designed to take pictures that are very close to the subject in the photo for a larger-than-life appearance. The lenses are typically lengthy and can be equipped with various focal lengths.

What does the focal length of a lens refer to?

  • Zoom: This is any type of lens that comes with a variable focal length, such as 24 to 70 millimeters. These varying focal lengths typically allow for the change from a close-up to a long shot by altering a focus ring that is situated at the base of the lens in question.
  • Aspheric: This type of lens comes with surface profiles that do not match with a sphere, which creates added sharpness at wide apertures and can help to minimize optical imperfections.
  • Telephoto: This lens comes with a long focal length that produces an image with a narrow field of view as well as a magnified image.

What are the different focus types available to select?

The focal length of a lens refers to the distance between the image sensor of the camera and the lens itself. This length is typically measured in millimeters and can come as either a fixed length within the lens or a zoom length, which means that there are varying focal lengths that the lens can accommodate.

  • Auto: This is a type of focus system that will alter the focus amount of the lens automatically before the picture is taken. This system will focus on an object within the frame and change the settings accordingly without requiring you to do so yourself. However, the object that the system focuses on can be set manually or automatically.
  • Manual: With this system, you will be required to take care of the focusing of an image by hand via a small focus ring located at the middle or base of the lens.
  • Auto/manual: Some cameras accommodate both automatic and manual focus settings, which can usually be switched via a toggle on the lens or camera.

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