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Common Questions About Toshiba Satellite Replacement Parts

Your Toshiba Satellite laptop works great now, but sooner or later, you may need to replace some of the parts to keep your laptop in good working order. These new and used Toshiba Satellite laptop replacement parts will help you fix your Satellite. From keyboards and track pads to LCD panels, screens, and housings, you can repair your laptop from this wide selection of replacement parts.

Are there differences between the Toshiba Satellite and Satellite Pro?

The Toshiba Satellite and the Toshiba Satellite Pro have several parts in common. However, it's important to make sure that you find the right parts for your specific model of computer. Check your model number to ensure that the part is right for your laptop. The motherboard is the same across the Satellite and Satellite Pro line and the DDR3L memory is appropriate for either model of Toshiba laptop. The processor will vary based on which one you have, so make sure you check the details carefully before choosing a processor.

Where is the computer's model number located?

Before you get any replacement parts for your Toshiba laptop, you'll need to know your model number whether you're buying a replacement keyboard or a replacement LCD screen. To find it, turn your Toshiba Satellite upside down. On the bottom, there should be a sticker that lists the model number and serial number of your laptop. When you choose parts, make sure you're selecting the ones that are designed for your model of laptop, since changes during production of different models could affect which parts are right for your computer.

If the sticker has been removed or has become too faded to read, you can also find your Toshiba serial number by going to the Command Prompt, entering the command 'wmic bios get serialnumber' (without the quotes) and pressing Enter.

Can you use Toshiba Satellites for gaming?

Whether or not your Toshiba Satellite is appropriate for gaming will depend on which model you've chosen. Satellite models come in everything from basic models to high-end gaming computers. Check the specifications for your model to learn whether or not your laptop can be upgraded to meet your gaming needs.

Is the RAM on the Toshiba Satellite laptop upgradeable?

It is possible to upgrade the memory on any Toshiba Satellite laptop model. Your maximum RAM, however, will depend on your available slots and what capacity RAM stick you choose. Check your Toshiba Satellite model to be sure that it will support the amount of RAM you wish to install as well. If you are installing additional or replacement memory in your laptop, keep in mind that DDR3L produces less heat than DDR3. Typically, Toshiba laptops will come with different amounts of RAM installed, ranging from 1GB to 6GB.

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