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Total Gym Strength Training Home Gyms

Important Questions to Ask When Buying Total Gym Equipment

This versatile and affordable home gym workout equipment relies on bodyweight movement. Available on eBay, this machinery features a series of adjustable pulley mechanisms, handles, and bench areas. The small floor profile makes it perfect to use as a convenient home gym, and simple attachments are attractive for novice fitness enthusiasts.

How does Total Gym equipment work?

The way weight is controlled outlines the main difference of Total Gym benches. Total Gym setups are counterbalanced completely through bodyweight. This means that this home gym has a primary source of resistance in weight from the users body.

Does this gym equipment allow total body workout?

Yes, this workout machine will allow you to exercise your entire body in one workout session. Once a person becomes accustomed to this gyms construction, they can engage in movements that target every major muscle group of the body. This home gym offers options for every style of strength training and body conditioning movement. This home gym is effective in creating motions for the following areas:

  • Chest: Chest expansion and development
  • Arms: Complete arm training that pinpoints bicep and tricep muscles
  • Back: Back work through incline and decline pulling motions
  • Core:Core development
  • Legs: Leg muscle conditioning
How much space does this equipment take in the home?

Most Total Gym benches have a small floor profile. They are about the length of the users body and have a width less than two feet. The pulleys, handles, and extensions hang within inches of the overall frame. In short, a person using this piece of gym equipment should dedicate a space in the home that is similar to a standard barbell and weight plate setup. This gym is easier to maintain than traditional weights for several reasons, which are described below:

  • Easy to clean: It has smooth surfaces that resist dust collection, and it can be cleaned with a simple dust rag.
  • Convenient shape and size: The dimensions of this gym are square, which works with most traditional room areas.
  • Easy to store: All gym attachments can be stored in small areas.
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