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Transmission and Drivetrain Parts for Jeep Wrangler

Drivetrain and transmission parts are available for routine maintenance work needed by Jeep Wrangler models and motors. Transmission parts include those related to gear shifting. Drivetrain parts cover the energy transfer system that transmits the engines power to the Wranglers wheels.

What is a transmission?

The function of the Jeep Wranglers transmission is to control the ratio of engine power that reaches its axles. Just as shifting on a bicycle helps the rider change the amount of energy going to the wheels, the transmission increases or decreases the amount of the engines power that reaches the wheels depending on the situation, such as when the driver accelerates, decelerates, or drives uphill.

How does a manual transmission work?

Manual transmissions leave the gear-shifting decisions to the driver. Shifting is accomplished with a foot pedal called a clutch and a manual shifter. The clutch momentarily disconnects the transmission from the engine during shifting. Once the shifting is done, the driver releases the clutch to re-engage the transmission.

What is a drivetrain?

The Jeep Wranglers drivetrain is a system that controls the amount of energy that goes to each axle and wheel. This is a complex system in four-wheel-drive vehicles like the Wrangler that gives the driver more control in difficult conditions. It adjusts how much power each wheel applies to the road depending on how much traction it has in real time. When a wheel loses traction, the system distributes some of its energy to the other wheels so that it isnt wasted on a spinning tire.

What are some important parts of a transmission?

There are many transmission parts because of the complex mechanisms used to shift and maintain a connection with the engine without a physical linkage. Below is a quick overview of some of the important parts of the Jeep Wranglers transmission.

  • Pump: Placed between a torque converter and a planetary gear set, the pump moves transmission fluid back to the torque converter.
  • Torque converter: The converter sits behind the engine and acts as the coupling with the transmission. It uses a stator, impeller, and turbine to produce transmission fluid pressure from the power provided by the engine.
  • Planetary gear set: This consists of a sun gear, planet gears, and a ring gear, which work together to create the ratios used by the transmission. They control how much rotational force is applied to the driveshaft.
What are some drivetrain parts that often need maintenance?

The drivetrain will often develop problems at the joints between the driveshaft and axle shafts. The driveshaft connects to a transfer case on each of the Jeep Wranglers axles. Inside of each transfer case is a U-joint, which allows the driveshaft and axles to turn simultaneously. There are also constant velocity joints that maintain a consistent speed during turns. Axle shafts are also weak points that can wear out or break.