UK Half Crown Coins

What are UK Half-Crown Coins?

Coin collecting can be a rewarding hobby. Collecting coinage from the United Kingdom can also be worth a lot of money.  If youre someone who is curious about British Silver Half-Crown coins, keep reading. 

What is the History of the Half-Crown Coins?

  • Half-crown coins are found as gold coins, as well as silver. 
  • The Half Crown was initially introduced in British currency as a gold coin worth thirty shillings.
  • Features the face of the British monarch, a crest and sometimes a crown. 
  • The Half Crown coin was released during the reign of Henry VIII, along with the gold crown. 
  • It was issued a silver coin under the reign of Edward VI.
  • It wasnt issued during the reign of Mary I, although there was one made when she married Philip II of Spain.
  • It was re-issued as a gold coin again during the years Elizabeth I was on the throne. 
  • The Half Crown was issued in Great Britain all the way through the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. They were still worth 30 shillings. 
  • These Half Crown coins were changed to sterling silver coins while King Charles I was on the throne. 
  • The last silver half-crown was issued in 1970 in Great Britain. 

Which Half Crown Editions are the Rarest?

While the Half Crown currency from the United Kingdom is no longer in circulation, there are a few editions of the silver half-crown that are rarer than others. These Half Crown coins are listed here by era, then the year they were minted. They are all silver since the only gold coins were released during the era of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. 

  • Oliver Cromwell
    • 1656
  • King Charles II
    • 1667
    • 1672, third bust
    • 1673, plumes on the reverse second bust
    • 1683, plumes on reverse
  • King William III
    • 1696, second bust
    • 1698
  • King George III
    • 1819
  • King George IV
    • 1824, reverse third bust, shield with crest, date under kings head
  • King William IV
    • 1831
  • King George V
    • 1923 
  • George VI
    • 1952

Other valuable Half Crown editions are commemorative coins released during Jubilees, coin proofs and the years of Queen Victoria.

How Do You Take Care of Your Rare Coin?

There are many methods of taking care and cleaning of your rare coins but many of them are ill-advised. Follow these methods to take care of your rare coins. 

  • When handling your British royal Half Crowns, hold it by the edges. Never hold your coin by the face. 
  • Gloves are always encouraged when youre holding your silver coins.
  • You shouldnt clean your coins. Even silver polish could damage your coin.
  • However, if you want to clean your British coins, seek professional assistance first. 
  • You can clean your coins in a mix of distilled water and weak soap. This can help remove dirt and grease from a dirty coin without damaging it. 
    • Do not use city tap water, as the chlorine in it can damage the silver or gold of your half-crown.
  • Heavily encrusted coins can be soaked in olive oil for months. The oil wont damage the silver, but will eventually dissolve the crust. 

Collecting half-crown sovereigns can be personally rewarding, as well as worth a lot of money. Take care of your coins correctly and your half-crowns will be a true prize.