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Under Armour Hunting Footwear

Under Armour Hunting Footwear

Under Armour hunting boots are available in a range of sizes, color schemes, patterns, and types. Hunting footwear for men and women also comes in different subtypes in case you would prefer a shoe rather than a boot. You can choose hunting boots that include additional features you may find useful when out on a hunt.

What types of footwear can you choose?

Mens and womens hunting footwear is available in the following types:

  • Boots, including knee-high or calf boots
  • Shoes, including ankle-high styles
What sizes are available?

Most hunting footwear is measured in U.S. sizes. You can find your preferred size and the general width of the boot that suits your tastes.

  • U.S. sizes for these boots can begin at womens size 4 and go up to mens size 14. See manufacturer site for details.
  • Boot widths are measured as small, medium, or wide.
What are some features of hunting boots?

Many boot models incorporate extra features into the overall design. Some of these features may be of use to you in the field. The most common features you are likely to find in these types of boots include the following:

  • Insulated interiors with extra padding
  • Scent control capabilities
  • Possible resistance to water
  • Rubberized soles and outer materials
  • Leather uppers
What colors and patterns are available?

You may wish to choose a particular boot color or pattern that matches your preferences or the terrain where you hunt. A specific pattern or color scheme may help your boots blend with the rest of your clothing or your surroundings. Some common color choices and patterns for these from Under Armour include the following:

  • Woodland patterns in dark brown, beige, or black
  • Mossy Oak patterns in green or orange
  • Snow patterns with shades of white
  • Desert patterns in brown and tan
  • Real Tree patterns in greens and blues
How can you prepare your hunting boots?

The specific guidelines for preparing your boots for the hunting season will vary based on factors such as climate, terrain, and animal life in the area. However, there are a few general guidelines you can use to prepare your boots for your next hunt:

  • Wearing your boots outdoors in different environments and weather may help the scent of your boots match your preferred hunting terrain.
  • Wearing your boots may also help to break them in and relieve any possible stiffness in their contact areas.
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