Uniformes y camisas de trabajo

Uniforms and Work Shirts

If you work in a profession that requires a uniform or special shirt for employees, and you’re tasked with selecting and ordering these items, you have a number of choices that will enable you to select clothing that well fits the requirements of the job. There are long sleeve shirts and short sleeve shirts (both polo shirts and button-up types), and there are many color and material options. These items are also great for amateur sports teams or clubs where the members need to dress alike on occasion.

What sizes of work shirts and uniforms are available?

These lines of clothing typically run from sizes 2XS to 8X in U.S. clothing sizes. Work shirts are made and sold in styles for both men and women. In addition, you can find a variety of unisex work shirts and uniforms.

What fabrics are available for long and short sleeve shirts?

Cotton is the primary material used in the production of most uniforms and work shirts. You can find products made from 100% cotton, or you can select ones made from a cotton-blend material. With most blended materials, the cotton is usually combined with polyester.

You can also choose from many other types of fabrics and materials. There are work shirts, uniforms, short sleeve shirts, and long sleeve shirts available that are made for wearing and working in all types of weather. Some of the more common fabric choices include the following:

  • Rayon
  • Polyester
  • Denim
  • Fleece
  • Wool blend
What brands of work shirts and uniforms are there?

Long sleeve shirts and short sleeve shirts meant for uniforms are made by some of the top clothing companies in the world. You can find items from Carhartt, Dickies, Hanes, and more. Some of the other manufacturers include Field & Stream, Fruit of the Loom, Paper Denim and Cloth, Devon and Jones, and Scrub HQ.

What colors are available for work shirts and uniforms?

If you need to match or wear a specific color, youll be able to find uniforms and short sleeve shirts in a rainbow of colors. Though many items are basic blacks, blues, browns, and khakis, manufacturers usually offer an extensive selection of options for these items.

How do you clean work shirts and uniforms?

Most of the clothing is pre-shrunk, so you wont have to worry about long or short sleeve shirts getting too small. It is always a good idea to read the laundering tag carefully to ensure that the uniforms are washed properly.

Shirts can usually be placed into a dryer without any problems.