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Keep your Saturn Vue drivetrain healthy with the addition of solid and durable Universal Joints and driveshafts. Made specially for larger vehicles like SUVs, these hardy drivetrain components enable your truck to tackle the toughest tasks. Whether you need joints for regular applications or parts for more demanding jobs, the correct UV/driveshaft combination helps you get things done.

What is a Universal Joint?

Universal Joints (UV) are special power-linkages capable of transmitting rotational force between your gearbox, driveshaft, and axles. Unlike fixed-joint linkages, which have linear-shafts, UV joints link shafts that may be somewhat out of line. This makes them useful for larger vehicles that have height differences between the gearbox and the axle, like trucks, SUVs, and commercial transports.

Will your Saturn driveshaft need balancing?

Certainly. The driveshaft is responsible for transmitting power from the engine and transmission to your wheels. As such, these parts tend to be relatively large and long pieces of metal that rotate at high speed. If these long metal poles remain unbalanced as they spin, then vibrations can and will develop and damage the shaft itself, the UV joints, and possibly other components. In order to avoid this and promote efficient operation, you should always have your replacement joints balanced.

How can you tell when your Universal Joints need help?

UV joints form an important link between your Saturn Vue transmission and your rear wheels. If and when these pieces go, the damage may be catastrophic. To be on the safe side, you should always consult with a professional mechanic if you suspect damage to your UV joints. That said, the following list represents some common symptoms of Universal Joint damage:

  • Squeals: UV joints undergo lots of motion during their service periods. Designers thoroughly coat these parts before shipping, but this coating eventually wears out. When this happens, metal can grind on metal and cause progressive damage. If you hear constant squeaks, you should have your Saturn Vue service technicians have a look.
  • Thumps: If you experience heavy thumps or vibrations when you shift gears, this may indicate damage to your UV joint bearings.
  • Serious Vibrations: When your Saturn Vue driveshaft begins to vibrate during operation, this may indicate a loosening of the UV joint and driveshaft, a situation that should be dealt with by professionals.
  • No motion: If you attempt to drive away and nothing occurs, your UV joint and driveshaft may need inspection.
How do you measure Saturn replacement UV joints?

To measure replacements, mechanics need to know whether you require an inside or outside snap-ring joint. Each type of joint requires specific measuring techniques.

  1. Outside: To find the relevant dimensions of an outside model, first measure the width of the joint from the tip of one ball-bearing cap to the tip of the other ball-bearing cap. Next, measure the diameter of the bearing cap itself.
  2. Inside: To locate relevant dimensions on inside models, first measure the width of the piece from the outer edge of one ring-groove to the outer edge of the other ring-groove. These models also require measurements of the bearing cap.