Vintage Celtic Jewelry

Vintage Celtic Jewelry

From the Irish people to those from Britain, the Celtic people have a unique history and culture of their own. Vintage bracelets and other jewelry are a great way to show your interest in the Celtic culture while looking amazing. Whether youre looking to add to your Celtic jewelry collection or just getting started, take a look at the available options for these special types of accessories.

What is Celtic jewelry made of?

You can find vintage Celtic jewelry in a variety of metals, each with its own benefits. These metals include the following:

  • Gold: This beautiful metal is available in yellow or white and frequently used in bracelets, rings, and earrings. Gold has been found to be non-toxic and hypoallergenic.
  • Silver: Available as either pure silver or sterling silver, these shining bracelets, earrings, and other forms of Celtic jewelry are versatile. With regular care and cleaning, your durable Celtic jewelry will resist tarnishing.
  • Pewter: This unique alloy is made of tin, so youll want to keep jewelry made of pewter separate from your other jewelry to prevent scratches.

Marble is especially common in Celtic earrings, and marble can go well with both formal as well as casual outfits.

What are the Celtic cross types?

In addition to standard crosses, you can also find vintage crosses with the ankh design. While they look similar at first glance, you can differentiate the design by looking at the top. Youll find the Irish or Egyptian ankh cross has a closed circle at the top, while a standard cross does not. These crosses are available as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for the ankles and wrists.

What is a Claddagh ring?

Whether youre simply dating, engaged, or planning a wedding, you may be familiar with rings in the Claddagh style. These beautiful Irish rings are available if youd like to show someone special how you truly feel. If youre not familiar with this jewelry, youll want to know that the Claddagh symbol is not just a ring. The Claddagh features a heart as well as a crown. With your hand representing friendship, the rest of the ring represents love (heart) and loyalty (crown). The heart is the centerpiece of the Claddagh Irish jewelry as it shows whether your heart has been captured. Traditionally, youll point the heart towards you when in a relationship, switching to the left hand at your wedding.

What earrings and necklaces are available representing Celtic traditions?

With the Celts being known for not only their fighting skills but also excellent artistry, pewter Celtic jewelry is highly desired when it comes to vintage Irish jewelry. This makes a pair of pewter earrings or necklace ideal to represent Celtic beauty and power. If you want to wear a reminder of Celtic fierceness, consider a pair of earrings specially crafted into the shape of a dagger or knife. Other special Celtic jewelry shapes you may be interested in include the shield, staffs, or the royal crest. Earring shapes which represent other Irish and Celtic traditions include kilt pins and dragon images.