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Vortex Red Dot & Laser Scopes

Vortex Optics, founded in 2002, offers many different optics, but they are mostly known for their scopes. With many different applications, they offer a variety of options from pistol and rail mounts to rifle laser mounts. Vortex Optics has several options available, and their lasers are MOA certified.

What is a red dot and laser scope?

A standard design that uses a red LED at the focal point, the red dot scope is a light sight that stays in alignment with the pistol or rifle. These are considered to be fast and easy to use for target shooting, hunting, and law enforcement. The term \"laser light sight\" is used for the newer generations of dot scopes. Instead of an LED, it has been replaced by a laser for brighter focal points in different colors. Vortex has an application that is an MOA standard. This means that the user can mount the scope at any preferred distance from their eye and still maintain their accuracy. The sight, for instance, can be placed in any M16 carrying handle or on a standard rail system.

Due to the available accuracy and control, miniature sights continue to gain popularity for use on pistols in competitions. For largely the same reasons, these sights are also popular among paintball and airsoft players.

What options does Vortex offer for guns and pistols?

There are a number of options offered by Vortex, but there are a few that are trademarks of the brand. The StrikeFire II and the SPARC (Speed Point Aiming for Rapid Combat) are among the most popular options.

  • Srikefire II - The MOA certified StrikeFire II is one choice for shooters who want a sight for a gun. Sleek rear-facing controls allow for quick adjustment of its 10 brightness levels. The lowest two settings are night-vision compatible. The 30 mm aluminum alloy chassis provides a high recoil rating and resists water and fog.
  • SPARC - The SPARC is compatible with both rifles and shotguns. Its designed with digital controls that allow the user to power it on and off and allow and also modify the brightness as needed. The SPARC remembers and restores the last dot intensity selected when it was last in use. The SPARC is a rugged single-piece body machined from aluminum and is sealed with an o-ring for enhanced performance.
Is there a mount for my Glock?

There are many configurations that Vortex laser lights offer for many guns. Here are a couple that could work for your Glock:

  • Side rail mounts.
  • 45-degree side rail mounts.
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