Buying Wallet Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5

A large selection of slim wallet cases to fit your Samsung Galaxy S5 are available for you to choose from. They feature hues ranging from black to neon, materials like leather or hard plastic to protect from scratches, and designs that vary from cartoon characters to animal prints. Doing some research about what options you might encounter may help you when it comes time to purchase a case to help protect your Samsung Galaxy S5.

What items can you carry in a wallet case?

The case can be useful in that it combines a wallet and phone case into one rather than having to worry about carrying around two separate items in your pocket or bag. Because features can differ from one pocket case to the next, such as how some cases have a space for coins while others don't, the extent of what you could carry in one can vary. Some of the items you may consider carrying in your Samsung case might be:

  • Your Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Driver's license
  • Work ID
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Business cards
  • Paper money
  • Coins
  • Pictures
  • Keychain
Can you take photos with a wallet case on?

The cases that complement the Samsung Galaxy S5 are typically designed with strategically cut holes that refrain from blocking the camera lens, making it possible to take pictures with the case still on. Using the camera usually requires that you open the cover of the case and hold the case with one hand while taking the picture with the other.

Are magnetic closures the only way wallet cases stay closed?

Although a magnetic closure is a common way a wallet case will stay closed, it's not the only option. Some of them will stay closed using other means, such as via elastic or snaps. There are also ones that do not have any actual individual feature to keep the cover closed beyond the cover manually being shut.

Do wallet cases contain wrist straps?

Some, but not all, wallet cases for Samsung Galaxy S5 phones contain a wrist strap. For those that do contain one, it may be removable, allowing you to either carry the case in your hand or hang it from your wrist. The optional wrist strap may also make it easier to hang up the case in certain situations, such as from a drawer knob at work or from a hook at home.

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