Wallet Cases for Samsung Galaxy S6

How to Select Wallet Cases for a Galaxy S6

When you dont want to carry an entire backpack or bag on a quick errand or to an event where you need your hands to be free, consider a wallet case for your Samsung Galaxy S6. With it, youll have room for the essentials, such as debit or credit cards, your ID, some cash, and perhaps even space for a few more items.

What Are Some Features of These Cases?

Cases that do double duty as a wallet not only feature slots for your cards and cash in addition to room for your S6, but they may have other features that make your case user-friendly when youre on the go.

  • A wallet with protective features, such as a screen protector or shockproof materials ensures that your phone stays secure and lessens the risk of accidents such as a scratched screen or a dented Galaxy 6 exterior occurring.
  • Select a wallet case with a wrist strap that you can loop around your wrist for portability.
  • A flip case allows you to flip up the back cover of the case and use it as a kickstand for your phone, which allows you to watch media content without having to hold your phone or makes it easier to look at recipes or watch TV without holding your phone in your hands for extended periods.

Which Brands Make Wallet Cases?

Another factor when youre selecting a wallet case is the brand that interests you. Since numerous brands are available and each brand has its own designs and colors, features, and amount of storage, choosing a brand is an important part of your purchasing decision. 

  • Case-Mate offers a folio-style case for your Galaxy S6. These smooth leather cases have several slots inside as well as a see-through pouch for your ID. Its slim and holds your phone securely thanks to its fitted design.
  • A Speck wallet is a bit different from other cases because it simply has a slot on the back of the case where you slide your credit card and cash inside. Otherwise, it looks like a regular case, making it convenient to keep in your pocket or purse.
  • The OtterBox Strada series of cases are also folio cases that swing open to reveal your phone and an inner pouch that can hold your cash and cards.

Which Designs and Styles of Cases Are Available?

Youre not limited to specific colors or designs when you choose a wallet to protect your smartphone, because you can express your personality with a case design you like.

  • Choose a colorful case such as a purple, red, pink, or turquoise option. Some are solid-colored, and some come with accent shades like black or white.
  • For a more dazzling design, a case that features crystals is a sparkling and shiny choice.
  • A traditional leather wallet is a timeless pick that complements your other accessories, not to mention that it comes in multiple color options.

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