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Walthers HO Scale Model Railroads and Trains

Walthers HO Scale Model Railroads and Trains

Walthers HO train sets often feature genuine road names and equipment numbers because the company has contracts with actual railroads to use the likenesses. If you are working on building a model railroad that fits an exact period in time, then this kind of equipment will serve your needs. You can find Walthers trains that match any era, including those of the diesel transition.

What does “HO track featuring Code 83 design” mean?

Walthers sells several collections of Code 83 track in HO scale. Each of these is designed to look as close as possible to what real railroads call 132 pound rail, which is used for heavier mainlines. Using Walthers Code 83 track can make a model railroad look more realistic since the design features an HO version of a real-life railhead. Walthers hired technicians to completely revise the turnouts used on Code 83 model railroad sections so that each frog and point is electrically insulated from the rest of the metallic rail pieces. This makes these sections compatible with DCC locomotives.

Which different lines of HO scale accessories does Walthers offer?

Walthers divides up their scale accessories into several different brands, but all of these are fully compatible with one another. More than likely, you can use parts from any of the following collections with the trains that you are already running on your scale layout:

  • Cornerstone
  • Scene Master
  • Walthers Mainline
  • Walthers Proto
  • Walthers Trainline
Do the pantographs on scale electric locomotives actually work?

Walthers has sold models that actually allow you to draw current from catenary lines installed above your rails. For instance, you can mechanically raise and lower the pantographs on the MTH model of Amtraks AEM-7 design. These are useful if you are modeling the Northeast Corridor and want to hang working wires.

Why do some passenger trains have numbers listed after them?

You will sometimes see numbers with dashes, like 4-4-2, after the names of sleeper cars on the trains. These describe the types of accommodations that would have been present on the trains in real life. Walthers kits feature the actual window arrangements that these cars would have had. You can also get special kits that allow you to modify the interior accommodations. This is particularly useful if you are building model train equipment that is designed to capture the feel of a specific railroads operations at a certain period of time.

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