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Tackle Washer and Dryer Maintenance and Repair Tasks With Parts and Accessories

If your major appliance needs maintenance or repairs, you can resolve many mechanical or electrical problems by replacing faulty hardware with individual replacement components or a kit. Youll find replacement items that operate spin cycles, items that manage heating elements, hardware with rollers, and more.

What brands provide components for washers and dryers?

Although there are many unique laundry components for washers and dryers, most appliance brands manufacture unique components for their own products. If you use components that are designed for appliances by a specific brand, youll get a snug fit and very reliable results. These brands include:

  • Frigidaire
  • Kenmore
  • Whirlpool
  • GE
  • Samsung
What kinds of belts are made for dryers?

Maytag is one of the main brands that makes belts. This component is constructed out of a long, durable material thats flexible. The slender design helps a dryer belt wrap around the drum, motor pulley, and tension pulley within a dryer. If the drum in your dryer doesnt rotate during a drying cycle, youll need a new drive belt because the belt thats currently installed in the appliance is probably broken.

What are the pulley options for a washing machine?

Pulley parts made for washing machines help water drain out of a drum after a wash cycle has completed. All washer pulleys are designed strategically so that theyre with compatible pumps ports. When these items are manufactured, the pulley component is always secured to an impeller shaft, and the end of the shaft attaches to a piece thats found on a washers drive motor.

What accessories can replace a dial and heating element?

If you have an appliance that doesnt finish cycles, you could possibly resolve the problem by replacing the timer. When a timer is defective, it wont advance the equipment to the next phase of the drying process. Timers for dryers are made with mechanical components, and drying cycles usually malfunction when these components develop problems.

Heating elements help appliances produce hot air; these components and kits are designed with wire coils that have different shapes and sizes. The temperature of the coils increases as electronic currents move through the metal. A load of laundry dries while heat circulates around the drum.