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Search for Hidden Treasure With Underwater Metal Detectors

Searching for buried treasure is a fun pastime to include in your next outing. The right underwater metal detector can make finding treasure at the nearest ocean, lake, or pond that much easier. If you are interested in metal detecting, you may want to browse the underwater metal detectors available on eBay.

How does an underwater metal detector work?

There are two different types of technology used in underwater metal detectors. You can choose either a pulse induction (PI) or a very low frequency (VLF) detector. The two methods work differently and are better suited for different purposes. A variety of both PI and VLF underwater metal detectors can be found on eBay.

  • Pulse Induction (PI): A PI detector works by broadcasting fast electronic pulses into the ground one after another. They are not affected by minerals in the ground or wet sand. PI detectors are often used in saltwater and for diving. They are not able to easily distinguish between junk metal and more expensive metal, so you may have to dig through some junk to find a treasure.
  • Very Low Frequency (VLF): A VLF detector operates on a low frequency, normally between three and thirty kHz. They are pretty good at discriminating against junk metal and pointing you towards valuable coins and jewelry. However, this type is affected by the minerals in the ground. It may take a little while for you to adjust the sensitivity appropriately so that you can minimize the signals coming from ground minerals.
Can you use an underwater metal detector on land?

An underwater metal detector is generally a good deal shorter than a land detector. It will still detect metal on land, but you may have to stay low to the ground to use it or connect it to a rod or long handle of some sort. They are also short enough for children to use them.

How does an underwater metal detector have power?

Underwater metal detectors run on rechargeable batteries. These batteries are not generally removable but instead use a charger. If the detector you buy uses a lithium-polymer battery, you can expect it to run about 14 hours when fully charged. Li-po batteries have about 300 cycles in them.

Are used or refurbished detectors available?

There are a wide variety of underwater metal detectors on eBay. You can buy one fairly cheap, or you can spend more money and purchase one that comes with accessories, such as underwater headphones. For casual use, you don't need to shell out a lot of money to find a detector that works properly.