Impermeable Walkie talkies y radios de dos vías

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What to Consider When Purchasing Waterproof Two-Way Walkie-Talkies

Walkie-talkies are great tools for connecting two people when the communication needs to be available at all times. Waterproof versions of the two-way radios are excellent when using them outdoors where the weather is unpredictable. eBay has a variety of inexpensive waterproof walkie-talkies and two-way radios available.

What are the channels and privacy codes?

There are different maximum amounts of channels that certain types of two-way radios can pick up. For instance, a standard FRS/GMRS has 22 channels. To use those, you need to obtain a license from the FCC. Privacy code is the feature that filters out each transmission that is not on your channel or code combination. It adds another protection of identification to your transmission. However, anyone using the monitor feature will still be able to hear your transmission. This is especially true when you are located in a very busy place where many people are using walkie-talkies.

What is the range of two-way radios?

The range is the maximum distance that the radios can transmit and receive. FRS walkie-talkies will usually have a range of six miles, while GMRS versions can send and receive signals up to a maximum of 50 miles if there is an included power boost. The maximum range given to these products is usually based on testing that was performed in optimal conditions. This means that there was no interference or obstacles between the two apparatuses.

However, in real situations, there will be changes in climate conditions, obstacles, and interference from other radio waves. This is particularly true in very populated areas. If you live in a rural area with very few trees and interfering factors, you will have a maximum range of connection. If you live in a busy area, you will have to bear in mind that the range will be significantly lowered.

How are walkie-talkies powered?

There is a good reason to know how long the battery pack can go on with a full charge. Two-way radios are usually powered by one of the following:

  • NiMH batteries- You can operate these at wide temperature ranges. They do not have the memory effect and last long when fully charged.
  • Li-ion batteries- These have a long shelf life, last long on a full charge, and can operate at wide temperature ranges.

If you do not want to use disposable batteries or take rechargeable stations with you, you can pick a radio that uses USB to charge or one that can hook up to a solar panel charger.

What are the different levels of water resistance?

Different levels of water resistance exist. There are walkie-talkies that can be used for outdoor activities and are not damaged by running water or rain. There are those that can be immersed in water for up to 30 minutes without being damaged. Some new or used walkie-talkies on eBay are totally submersible and are usually used for swimming pools and lifeguard communication. Some of them can also float on top of the water. You can choose the level of water resistance that suits your needs.