White Bumper Case for iPhone 6

How to Find a White Bumper Case for the iPhone 6

Dropping your iPhone 6 can result in a cracked case or a dented exterior, both of which are an inconvenience to repair or replace, but you can help to prevent damage being done to your phone with a sleek white bumper thats compatible with your Apple device.

What Is a Bumper Case?

Unlike other case covers and types, such as wallet cases, hard shell cases, and folio cases, bumper cases are a very specific style of case, and this is what a bumper does for your Apple device.

  • This type of case is meant to protect your iPhones screen. Although it does offer protection for the rest of your device, the focus of its protective features is centered on your screen.
  • A bumper case has raised edges that come up around your screen in order to provide a buffer between the hard surface your phone comes into contact with and the iPhone itself.
  • Most bumpers are made of soft, flexible materials like silicone or more rigid materials like plastic or polycarbonate.

What Are Bumper Case Features?

Like other protectors and cases for your phone, bumpers have features that may offer convenience to go with a slim and sleek design, allowing you to choose the right white case based on some of the benefits.

  • Some cases have added protective benefits, such as a shockproof exterior and a water-resistant design. These features give you peace of mind whether you drop your phone on the floor or it gets splashed poolside.
  • Check out a case with a kickstand to prop your phone up so you can use it hands-free while you video chat or stream content.
  • Make carrying your bumper case convenient with the addition of a belt clip or holster. It allows you to slip your case through your belt so you have access to your phone without having to stick it into your pocket or a purse.

Which Brands Make White iPhone Bumper Cases?

You can shop by brand when you enjoy the way a certain brand looks or when you enjoy the features of specific designers.

  • Speck is a brand that offers rugged cases that keep your iPhone safe from damage. Some designs include its CandyShell series, which features hard bumpers with face protection for your device.
  • Another option to consider is the Case-Mate bumper. These are translucent in the center but have a colored frame. Its features include a slim fit and drop protection.
  • You can also check into a chic and unobtrusive design by Tavik thats molded with a raised bezel for screen protection.

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