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Women's Leather Corsets and Bustiers

Leather corsets help to shape your body while also providing a unique look. They come in black and many other colors, and there are plenty of styles, decorations, and features to choose from when you select a corset. Depending on the style you pick, your corset or bustier can look edgy, historical, steampunk, or gothic.

What corset types are made in leather?

The stiff texture and the sexy look of leather or faux leather makes it an excellent material for corsets in the following traditional types:

  • Overbust corset: An overbust type provides coverage from the hips to the top of the bust. Most overbust corsets have a sweetheart, straight, or scooped neckline. Some may have straps over the shoulders.
  • Underbust corset: Underbust types cover the waist and stop just underneath the breasts. Some women wear them with a matching bra.
  • Waist cincher: A leather waist cincher is like a shortened underbust corset. It makes the waist smaller without changing the shape of the rest of the torso.
  • Bustier: Bustiers are similar to overbust corsets, but they primarily lift the bust and emphasize cleavage. Most bustiers are not boned, and they do not significantly change waist size.
How do you find your corset size?

Corset sizing is a little different from normal lingerie sizing, and you will need to find the proper size to get a corset that looks correct.

  • Measure your body: Wrap a tape measure around yourself to measure the fullest part of your bust, the smallest part of your waist, and the largest part of your hips.
  • Learn the sizing method for your desired corset: Most corset sizing will simply go by waist measurements. However, some may have a numbered size that corresponds to normal dresses, or the brand may use small, medium, and large sizing instead.
  • Compare your measurements to the size chart: Use the measurements you took earlier to discover the number or letter of your size.
  • Size down if desired: Keep in mind that boned corsets with waist cinching capabilities should be purchased a size smaller than what you typically wear. This will help you to find a corset that correctly shapes your body.
What are the different corset closures?

Corsets and bustiers made from leather may have one or more of these closure types.

  • Lace up: More traditional boned leather corsets will lace up in the front or back. This helps to create a custom fit.
  • Hook and eye: Hook and eye closures make it easier to take the corset on and off.
  • Zipped: Zippers are used for apparel versions of leather corsets such as a corset dress.
  • Buckled: Buckled straps can provide even more security when wearing a corset.
  • Elastic: Some lingerie-style bustiers may fit with elastic inserts only and no other closures.