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Women's Robes

Women's sleepwear robes are worn as outer garments over a pair of pajamas or underclothing. Also referred to as a bathrobe, dressing gown, or house coat, these women's garments are usually loose-fitting, open to the front, tied with a fabric belt, and worn when lounging or taking care of personal hygiene tasks. Robes are worn for extra warmth when not in bed or to coordinate with the lingerie that you are wearing underneath.

What are the types of women's robes?

  • Hooded - A hooded robe is usually made from absorbent material and worn after bathing or showering.
  • Kimono - A kimono robe is a stylish robe worn over a babydoll, thong, or other lingerie.
  • Shawl - A shawl robe has a wide, ample collar that closes around the neck like a wrap.
  • Short - A short robe reaches the middle of the thigh to the knee.
  • Long - A long robe may reach to a woman's mid-calf to ankle.

What materials are women's robes made from?

Robes sometimes have designs or initials quilted, monogrammed, or embroidered onto them. Lace trim is another common adornment, and the lace is often made of nylon or polyester threads for stretch. Some women's robes have a zip-up front rather than a belt closure.

  • Cotton - Terry, flannel, and plain cotton are common materials for women's robes. Cotton may be blended with polyester for durability and stretch.
  • Silk - Silk is the material often used in a kimono robe.
  • Satin - Satin is a type of high-thread count polyester commonly used in lingerie. A women's robe made with satin is soft to the touch. The belt closure is usually also made of satin. A kimono-style robe could be made of satin.
  • Polyester - Polyester can be spun into a variety of soft materials for use in a robe and lingerie. A robe made of polyester is easy to care for and can be washed in a washing machine and put into a clothes dryer.
  • Nylon - Robes may have a section made of lace or mesh. In such robes, the lace or mesh section is usually made of nylon threads that have been knitted to make the lace or mesh design.

How do you choose the size of the robe?

A bathrobe is usually designed to fit close to the body with only a thong, underwear, or a bathing suit underneath. Because a bathrobe is made from absorbent material, it should come into contact with the skin. Bathrobes should be worn in the same size as the tops that you select. They are available in small to extra-large sizes. A loungewear or sleepwear robe should have enough room to comfortably fit over your pajamas, babydoll, or other lingerie. If you are wearing the bathrobe for extra warmth over a thick flannel nightgown, choose a robe that is a size larger than the size of your pajamas. If you are wearing the robe over thin clothing such as babydoll lingerie, select the same size as the tops that you usually wear.