World of Warcraft Video Game Plush Dolls

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As a gamer, its easy to form an attachment to your favorite characters, and you might want to have them around even when not gaming. Plush toys are a great way to do this, and these soft characters arent just for children anymore, with most video games having a range of dolls that emulate everyones favorite characters from the series. Fans of World of Warcraft might want to invest in their own plush featuring famous characters and props, and theres a huge range available including Illidan, Elves, and Tauren to choose from. If youre looking for a new plush of your favorite character, like Arthas or Sylvanas, then there are plenty of options to choose from in both new and used condition.

What Plush Toys Are Available?

Plush toys come in quite a few different styles and sizes, so it depends on what you want to use yours for. There are simple stuffed toys, those that light-up, make sounds and speech, or are poseable. There are smaller toys from Azeroth that would suit a keychain and larger, soft dolls that are over one foot tall. Some of the characters you can find from World of Warcraft to collect include:

  • Durotan: The chieftain of the Frostwolf clan can be yours to own.
  • Sargeras: Collect the plush of the titan and creator of the Burning Legion.
  • Murloc: These small, bulbous creatures make a great plush toy.
  • Illidan: You can collect the Illidan Stormrage dolls and hunt some demons on your own.

What Can You Do with A Plush Doll?

Collecting plushie toys from WoW isnt just for children, as fans of the game can love having their favorite characters with them at all times. Here are just a few things you can do with your new plush toys from this popular video game:

  • Collect: There are dolls that are brand new and ideal for collectors with the hopes that they will improve in value over time as long as they stay in this condition.
  • Play: Some might choose to reenact scenes from the game or put the characters in new stories by using their plushies and imagination.
  • Gift: If you know someone who loves the video game, then a plush doll could be a great gift for them.

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