Protecting Your Phone from Damage

These days, it is simply not enough to slip your phone into your pocket or handbag and hope that it is safe. Using a protective case is essential for securing the longevity of your phone. X-Doria has a large range of cases for iPhone 7 Plus that you can easily snap onto your phone for instant protection.

Why Should I Use a Case?

While many people use a phone case for individuality and to make their phone stand out, protective cases are there for several other important reasons.

  • To protect against impact: Some people might drop their phone all the time, and while one may not see any physical damage straight away, the force of the impact can affect the internal workings of the phone. Dropping your phone too many times may stop it working, calling for the need for a replacement.
  • To protect against water damage: If any drops of water get inside your phone, there may be a chance that it will stop working. A protective case can protect your phone in case it starts to rain, or if you happen to spill a drink on your phone.
  • To protect from scratches: The ideal way to keep your phone looking like new is to have a case on it. This helps prevent scratches and dents to the casing and touchscreen.

What Cases Can I Find?

There are a number of protective cases available for iPhone 7 Plus from this brand. Some of the products you can find are:

  • Defense Shield: The Defense Shield case is ideal for anyone who has a habit of dropping their phone. It uses hard polycarbonate, anodized aluminum, and soft rubber to give you ultimate military grade drop protection. Don't try this at home, but it has been tested 3-meter drops on to concrete. It has a simple snap-on construction and comes in red, rose gold, black, and iridescent.
  • X-Doria Defense Lux: This case uses machined metal around the perimeter for drop protection, plus there is an internal shock-absorbing rubber layer. An integrated sound channel is included that amplifies the bottom speaker of your iPhone to redirect sound for a better listening experience. The back panel has a comfortable hold, and you can easily snap this case on without any tools.
  • ClearVue: This is a slim profile case that is pocket friendly. It uses clear, hard polycarbonate and soft rubber with a raised front lip. It is easy to grip, and you have the choice of either an entirely clear case, or clear with translucent color accents.