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What Frequency Means to Hams

Frequency on its own is a very simple concept to grasp; it's simply how often something happens. In radio, it refers to the number of cycles per second you're using to transmit and helps determine the wavelength of your signal.

What is VHF?

In the Ham radio hobby, radio frequencies divide into bands. Each band offers different operating characteristics and requires different equipment. All transceivers can operate in at least one band with many models featuring dual band operation. It also features into licensing classes, as different Ham licenses give access to different frequency bands. There are three main radio bands with higher frequencies leading to progressively shorter wavelengths.

  • HF:The lowest of the three bands, it covers frequency ranges from 3 to 30 MHz, or wavelengths from roughly ten to one hundred meters. One advantage of this band is that it can take advantage of the ionosphere for intercontinental skywave propagation.
  • VHF:VHF transceivers operate in the intermediate band between 30 and 300 MHz. This band gives somewhat more range than can be achieved with strict line of sight but is not capable of the same ranges as HF or shortwave radio bands.
  • UHF:The even higher frequencies and shorter wavelengths of UHF radio range from 300 to 3000 MHz. Ranges are shorter still, but it is very commonly used for everything from cellular phones to GPS.

What About Licensing?

The FCC issues Ham radio licenses in three different classes, with three previous classes being grandfathered in although they are no longer issued.

  • Technician:This introductory level, approximately equivalent to a cross between the previous Novice and Technician classes is limited to almost exclusively VHF frequencies with some access to HF when using CW. Yaesu VHF transceivers are a great choice for these new Hams as they can access the majority of frequencies they use.
  • General:General licenses allow for more access to the HF bands than are allowed with lower frequencies. This license gets you into the international communications side of Ham radio.
  • Extra:The Extra license, and the roughly equivalent Advanced license, allow for greater frequency access in more bands. This is the one that gives the greatest freedom within the bounds set by the FCC.

Using Ham Radio

While many amateurs enjoy using a Yaesu handheld transceiver, others prefer the greater functionality present in a fixed radio transceiver. The biggest advantage of going with a base station is that you have the ability to use a larger antenna and have access to more power than you can get from a Li-ion battery. Once you have your license you can very easily get into the world of Ham radio and enjoy worldwide communication without the use of the Internet.

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