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Zumba Womens Clothes

Zumba is an intense, freestyle workout. Well-fitting attire that allows for free-ranging movement is a must. Colorful clothes match the musics intensity and the choreographers enthusiasm, while neutral and darker colors will help you hide in the back until your confidence level soars.

How do you dress for a Zumba class?

Like most aerobics classes, Zumba classes are a reflection of the teachers musical taste and fitness style. Some classes are low intensity, others are high intensity, but the spirit of the workout is to keep moving regardless of your skill level. Here are a few things to wear in order to keep up your pace:

  • Water-wicking material - Zumba makes you sweat. You could burn up to 1,000 calories in a single class, so make certain to bring a water bottle and sport non-cotton workout clothes.
  • Sweats and leggings - Classes focus on dance moves, anything from Latin music to hip hop or country. Clothing should be whatever makes you most comfortable, without movement restrictions.
  • Thin-soled shoes - Exercise enthusiasts and coaches recommend wearing light-weight shoes with minimal soles. Thin shoes help you navigate pivots and turns.
  • Fun style - Zumba started in Columbia. As a result, most classes feature strong Latin rhythms, from salsa and bachata to merengue, flamenco, and tango, so dress in something fun or sexy.
What is Zumbas fashion style?

Aside from thin-soled shoes, you can wear just about anything, even sweatpants. Classes are referred to as fitness parties, so bright clothing and attire that suggests a party, rather than a marathon, are a must.

How do Zumba instructors dress?

Zumba instructors have eyes on them at all times. Some of those eyes are experienced, while others are still trying to learn. Teachers and students do best when their clothing does not restrict movement. Teachers can take it a step further and choose outfits that are simple and body-hugging so students can easily view all the moves. Dancers will easily pick up the leaders steps in one class, while non-dancers might have to take a few classes before they get into the groove.

Why is it important to wear non-restrictive clothing to Zumba?

Zumba is a full-body workout, from legs and arms to core work. You will squat, turn, move your arms, thrust your chest, and work hard without even realizing it. You will likely be somewhat sore after your workout, so make certain to follow the choreographers cool-down and to bring some loose-fitting clothes for a quick after-class change.