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gDiapers Baby Cloth Diapers

If you like the idea of cloth diapers for your baby but dont want to deal with their mess, consider gDiapers. This hybrid system involves reusable outer shells called gPants and absorbent disposable inserts.

What are gDiapers?

Designed to reduce landfill waste while also keeping babies dry, gDiapers are a hybrid diaper system. The outer layer of the diaper is a pair of reusable gPants. They have an outer fabric layer and a snap-in pouch inside that holds the inserts in place. Disposable or cloth inserts are tucked inside the diaper pouch.

What diaper inserts are available for gDiapers?

Two types of diaper inserts are available for gDiapers. Use the ones that best meet your needs. Some find that switching back and forth between them meets all their needs:

  • Disposable Inserts: These inserts are for one-time use. When its time to change your baby, you get rid of the disposable inserts but keep using the gPants.
  • Cloth Inserts: This variety converts gDiapers into a fully cloth system. The cloth inserts are washed after every use and can be reused once they are clean and dry. Disposable liners from gDiapers can be placed on top of the cloth to make cleaning up easier.
How do you dispose of gDiapers inserts?

Disposable inserts are used one time then discarded but, as the insert is much smaller than a regular disposable diaper, inserts are more eco-friendly:

  • Flush: Wet and dirty diaper inserts can be flushed safely.
  • Compost: You can choose to compost wet diapers at home.
  • Throw away: You may choose to toss the diapers in the trash, especially when you change your baby in a public place.
What gDiaper sizes are available?

The diaper outer sections come in five sizes:

  • Newborn: For babies 6-10 pounds
  • Small: For 8-14 pounds
  • Medium: For 13-28 pounds
  • Large: For 22-26 pounds
  • Extra large: For 34 pounds and higher

The inserts come in four sizes:

  • Newborn/small: For use in newborn and small gDiapers
  • Medium/large/extra large: For use in gPants size medium and larger
How do you wash gPants?

The diaper covers do not need to be washed after each use. Wash them when they get dirty.

  1. Separate the outer cover from the snap-in pouch.
  2. Fasten the covers hook-and-loop closure tabs.
  3. Wash diapers in warm or cold water using regular household detergent.
  4. Covers can be tumble-dried or line-dried. Pouches should be line-dried.
  5. gDiapers cloth inserts should be washed separately in hot water. Use diaper-safe detergent in their cycle.
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