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Photographing with 135mm Lenses

While 50mm portrait lenses with wide apertures are frequently talked about for their beautiful bokeh effects, the longer focal length 135mm lens is less well-known. However, master portrait photographers around the world use it to capture subjects at a distance while transforming their backgrounds into a dreamy blur. The Vivitar 135mm f/1.5 is one model that illustrates the capabilities of this style of lens and is compatible with a range of different camera body mount systems.

What Are the Advantages of a 135mm Camera Lens?

You can use a 135mm prime with a wide aperture, such as f/1.5, to capture distance subjects that are focused sharply with their backgrounds beautifully blurred. The clear separation between the subject and its backdrop creates a simplicity in the image that is aesthetically pleasing and done with ease using a Vivitar 135mm f/1.5.

  • Because of the wide maximum aperture and long focal length, the 135mm can produce an extremely creamy bokeh effect that completely compresses the background. While some longer-length telephoto lenses are also capable of this, they're also much bulkier to carry.
  • You can also achieve incredible sharpness in your images with a 135mm f/1.5, with the elements that you want crisp and clearly in focus while the surrounds blur away into the distance.
  • Most of these lenses also have a very short minimum focusing distance relative to their focal length, which enables you to get close-up to macro subjects and capture all their miniature details.

What Should You Look for When Buying a 135mm Lens?

When purchasing a 135mm, it's important to find one that is compatible with your model of camera, its image sensor format, and its mounting system. Whether you're shooting with a full-frame, cropped image sensor (APS-C), T-mount, or M42 mounting system, you can find lenses that are compatible or will work effectively with the addition of an adapter ring.

  • While most have autofocus capabilities, others are manual focus only, as you may prefer to be able to determine exactly where you want to focus sharply and where the blurring begins. However, manual focus models are not ideal when you're photographing sporting events or candid family moments.
  • Some models are lighter than others, so always check its weight before purchase to determine whether you want to be carrying it around on a regular basis.
  • When you are in a studio setting, weight won't be such a significant issue, so determining the right model for you may come down to additional features, such as image quality, magnification, and close-up shooting possibilities.

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