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Car and Truck Steering Wheels and Horns

First invented in 1894 by Alfred Vacheron, car and truck steering wheels come in many different configurations. They are designed to let drivers easily navigate roadways. Along with steering wheels, modern vehicles have horns, which have the dual function of alerting other drivers and calling attention to a hazard.

How much does a steering wheel rotate? 

A steering wheel in a car is 360 degrees in total. Most cars steering wheels have the ability to rotate approximately 24 degrees. All makes and models and sizes of vehicles will have slightly different measurements. This 24 degree rotation has a ratio of 15:1.

What causes a steering wheel to shake?

It can be alarming to feel a wheel begin to shake. The majority of the time, this kind of shaking is indicative of an issue with the cars brakes. It is usually when a cars brake rotors have begun to wear out that the driver will start to feel shaking of the steering wheel. This is most often felt when braking. Another common cause for steering wheel shaking is when a car is out of alignment or has a bent tire rim.

How do you clean a cars steering wheel?

When a car steering wheel is any color other than black, dirt and oils from the hands can cause discoloration. Parts of the steering column can also become dusty. Combat this with automotive wipes, used regularly. The horn button design can sometimes trap crumbs and dust. A cotton tipped swab or toothpick are workable options to clean out this area. Gloves can also be worn for driving to keep the wheel clean and free of oils that the skin transfers onto the steering wheel.

How can a car steering wheel be adjusted?

There are some parts of a wheel that are fixed and others that can be adjusted to fit the driver comfortably. The wheel can be made higher or lower in most cars. Locate the knob or button, which is often black, to adjust the steering wheel in this manner. Some cars have automatic systems in place to adjust the steering wheel with the added ability to bring the wheel closer to the drivers seat.

What features and upgrades are available for steering wheels?

Steering wheels often come in standard black, gray or tan. They can be upgraded to have custom colors, plated in chrome, have a heated element added or soft wheel covers for comfort and a secure grip. When driving, having a custom steering wheel will let others see the level of custom style and care that went into designing the car.